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Early Harvest Technical Workshop

September 23-24, 1999
Denver, Colorado

The goals of the Early Harvest workshop were 1) to establish agreed-upon definitions for terms relating to middleware, 2) to gather experiences relating to middleware, and 3) to draw from these experiences "first cuttings" toward a middleware best-practices document. The group limited its discussion to identifiers, authentication, and directories. This was for two reasons. First, identifiers are the foundation of middleware, and authentication and directories are the areas of middleware most closely related to identifiers. Second, middleware is a huge topic. Some previous discussions have foundered on the sheer size and diversity of the subject; for this two-day workshop it was necessary to sacrifice some breadth of discussion in order to gain depth.


Participants and Acknowledgments

NSF Proposal

Self-Assessment Tool for Campuses

Presentations from the workshop

  • Introduction by Ken Klingenstein (PPT)
  • Identity Management Infrastructure by Bob Morgan (HTML)
  • JISC Middleware by Annette Haworth and Norman Wiseman (PPT)
  • Keith Hazelton on Directories (PPT)
  • Middleware at SUNY Buffalo by Daniel Arrasjid (PPT)

Presentations of workshop results

  • Presentation to Common Solutions Group by Ken Klingenstein (PPT)
  • Ken Klingenstein's Middleware 101 presentation from the Fall Internet2 Member Meeting (PPT)

Draft Best Practices

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